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A Fish Out Of Water

An exploration of Identity and Merculture


How long have you been mermaiding?

"I have been performing as a mermaid since 2018 so Quick maths 6 years? I have always worked around water starting my career as a swim and synchro coach; I've always been a diver, both scuba and free diving eventually working my way up to instructor level for both and running my own Scuba and diving school; although scuba certainly has its placed, I always enjoyed the concept of training your body to be under the water for extensive amounts of time, no unit, no equipment, just your own evolutionary responses (the mammalian dive reflex,) kicking in to keep you safe."

WaterDragon is my stage name, as it isn't just mermaiding I do as a performer, as for mermsona I do not really have one, morphing and evolving to suit the style of gig I have been hired for, I suppose I am more of a WaterChamelian than a WaterDragon - whether its a silent seductress for ambient tank shows and a bubbly playful chatter box filled with fish puns for my family friendly festivals.

What do you think attracts people to the mermaiding lifestyle?

"As we grow older our sense of wonder and imagination tends to dissipate, and although you can try to cling on to it through books and netflix, the humdrum of life creeps in, have you paid the rent? Have you sent that birthday card? Haven't seen the folks in a while…Becoming a mermaid gives you a break, and for that short time of donning a tail in a way you become almost more human again, appreciating how life should be, fun. And silly with a sense of wonder. I don the mermaid outfit and I remember “Growing up” is a choice and only that, you have one life, there are no rules, do with it what you wish"

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